Course Title: Fire Warden Refresher Training 

Course ID:  QA09 

Description: This web-based course is an annual requirement for select employees and contractors who have completed Fire Warden Instructor-Led training 1 year or more ago and agreed to continue volunteering as a Fire Warden. 

A curriculum with this course will be assigned on August 21, 2018 at XX:XX to the audience using a prescriptive rule. The names were provided by Kris Laframboise. If you receive tickets from people or their managers about the assignment or the target date (i.e. person is on leave), please contact Kris 

Target Date:  September 20, 2018 (30 days from the date of the assignment) 

Course Behavior:   

  1. No Narration: there is no narration, even though there is an audio button. This is stated in the course description.  

  1. No Jumping Forward:  course settings prevent the learner from skipping forward via the TOC or the timeline. 

  1. Pop-up blockers Off: there are pop-ups in this course and blockers must be off. 

  1. Browser Behavior:  this course was tested in IE, Chrome, FireFox and Safari and performed as expected in all 4.  

  1. Completion criteria: Learners are marked successfully complete after they check the box on the Attestation page and click Next.  If they don’t check the box and click Next, a pop-up message appears stating the completion criteria. 

Notifications:  the standard Curriculum notifications are turned on. 

  1. Curriculum added to profile 

  1. Curriculum Completed 

  1. Curriculum due in 15 days 

  1. Curriculum due in X days 

  1. Curriculum due today 

  1. Curriculum overdue by X days 

Important Note: The contractors will not be able to use the links supplied in the notifications because contractors don’t access Saba through single-sign on/Okta.  I will be manually sending the contractors an On Demand Notification from the Class with the link they can use. The email will also advise them that the links in future notifications won’t work for them. They can always get to their assignment via the ME tab.  

Helpful Hint!!!    

The only difference between an employee URL and a contractor URL is “-cienaemployees 


You can copy any employee URL and -cienaemployees and the new URL will work for active contractors (as long as the contractor has permissions to view the course/workspace/etc…) 

If you get a ticket from someone who is having a technical issue where you are unable to replicate the issue and your standard triage trouble-shooting doesn’t fix the issue, please assign the ticket to me and include a note describing what you did to trouble-shoot and information about the learner’s location (office vs VPN) and browsers tried.