Title:  Resource Management PSA Training Requirement
ID:  GPS042
Details:  The course was assigned to 30 employees and contingent workers with a due date of November 5th.
The web-based course is made up of 3 videos and an 8 question post-test.
The questions and answers in the post-test are listed in the Word document attached.  The 30 people who received the assignment are also listed in the Word document attached.
Donna Mocny is the customer and she said that she was going to communicate the assignment to the people before the assignment was pushed. 
To be marked successful, the learners must:
  1. Watch all 3 videos (or at least slide the progress slider to the end of the video).
  2. Answer at least 7 of the 8 questions correctly.
If they do not pass the post-test, they have unlimited opportunities to retake the post-test. Once the learner has passed the post-test, he/she can review the questions and their answers.
If a learner states they watched all the videos and passed the test  but they are still showing “In Progress”, please ask them to look at the course screen under “Lessons” to make sure there is a green check mark next to each lesson and post-test and the score is at least 87.5%. 
Any lessons not complete will be indicated there.  Once they watch the entire video, the lesson is marked complete.
The link to the course is below.