We can now stop assigning ESD to Employees/Contractors**
  We have set up a new training notification process for those individuals requested LAB Access via Service Now.  This new process will increase velocity and eliminate delays to those waiting to be assigned to training. 

Our Objective: Set up a notification for those requesting Lab Access highlighting required courses to take to gain access.
New Notification Process: When an individual (or a manager on behalf of an individual) has made a request to facilities to grant LAB Access to any Ciena Lab Globally (via Service Now) the individual needing access along with their reporting manager will receive the following email notification below. It highlights & includes course links to the three courses that individuals may require depending on the lab they would like access to. An individual simply has to click the link & take the course.  
NOTE: The courses listed below are not assigned as it’s the responsibility of the individual/their manager/lab manager to ensure that the training has been completed prior to granting access.  

Reporting: The learning team is able to set up automated completion reports to whomever requires this information. We can set the frequency and the course(s) you wish to see. This is something that can be beneficial to Lab Managers.