Six Sigma and Operational Excellence topic in Workday contains 37 different courses inclusive of programs. Theses courses have limited licenses and security group has been set up against these courses. These courses are assigned to specific people and are not accessible to rest.

If someone needs to access these courses, It requires approval from Donna Morvan/Brian Ruffner. Process will drive as follows.

Scenario 1- Ticket comes from Donna Morvan.

Process- No further approval is required. Ticket should be forwarded to HRIS keeping Liz in copy with following message.

Hello, Liz Ellis advised me to forward this ticket to you.  Brian Ruffner approved the employee Employee Name to take the Six Sigma courses in Workday Learning.  At your convenience, can you please add Employee Name to the security group "Six Sigma" so he/she can access the courses under that topic? If you have any questions, please let Liz or me know”

Once HRIS replies saying user has been added, 1 of below 2 tasks are to be done.

  1. If Donna has indicated in the ticket that she wants us to campaign the courses or program to the employee, please then assign the ticket to Liz. (Unlikely)


  1. If Donna did not indicate that she want us to campaign the courses or program to the employee, please send a reply to Donna that the employee has been given access.  You can close the ticket but advise Donna to reply to that message if the employee runs into any issues accessing the courses.


Scenario 2-Ticket comes from another person.

Process- Requester is to be informed to get approval from Donna Morvan/Brian Ruffner. Post approval is received, process will move as in scenario 1.


For Any queries related to this, Liz is the contact person.