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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Workday Learning

Basics of Workday Learning

  • Why did we select Workday Learning?
    • Workday Learning allows us to leverage the power of one system (Workday) with enhanced search capabilities. The system provides managers with the ability to view employee transcripts, assign learning and see progress on trainings completed. Individuals can now enroll, disenroll and create their own learning plans. Other learning management systems did not have all the functionality that we require to support and drive the future of learning at Ciena.
  • How do I access Workday Learning?
    • On the launch date of late August, Workday Learning will appear on your Workday home page as a Learning application indicated by a leaf icon.
  • How can Ciena employees access content for customers, service partners and Ciena Partner Network that's in Totara?
    • All content from the Totara platform for customers, service partners and Ciena Partner network is searchable and accessible from Workday Learning. After locating the course, you'll link out to take the course in Totara without additional sign in. Your Workday Learning history will update with any courses you complete in Totara.
  • What the best internet browser to use? 
    • For the best user experience in Workday, use Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Moving from Saba

  • Will the same courses that are now in SABA be available in Workday Learning?
    • Yes, we will continue to offer the current library as well as additional content that currently resides in other platforms. i.e. Totara (our customer learning platform).
  • What happens to my old learning transcripts (course history) from Saba?
    • Your transcripts (course history) for FY19 will be reflected in Workday Learning. Historical training transcripts (course history) can be found - Workday Worker Profile/Career under the training tab.
  • Will the longer content (1-hour webinars) be moved from Saba to Workday Learning?
    • Yes, all content that currently resides in SABA will be moved to Workday Learning.
  • Will Contractors/Partner employees have access to Workday Learning?
    • Yes, they will access to a library of specific Ciena related courses.

Benefits of Workday Learning

  • Can we see the course progress report in Workday Learning like we saw in Saba?
    • Yes and it’s even easier to see than before. On the righthand side of Workday Learning there are “Progress” options and if you don’t have any required training, it will not appear.
  • Will everyone be able to see the content I upload for my team?
    • Yes, any content uploaded to WDL will be visible to your team including all Ciena employees.


  • What is a learning path?
    • A learning path is a way to save courses available in Workday Learning that you could take in the future and within the system, you can learn how to create this and add courses. It's a way to group courses together and you can only see your own learning path.

Mobile Access

  • How can I access mobile learning?
    • If you currently use Workday on your mobile/tablet, a new icon will appear on your choice of options. You must have an internet connection to view content. Interested in using your mobile/tablet? Instructions on getting the Workday app can be found on the Workday Hub, are in the reference section and are called “Workday – Install-Login-Quick Actions on iPhone/ iPad /Android.
  • How can I hear course audio on my mobile phone?
    • Work with your mobile audio settings as audio sometimes requires headphones or is played through the phone speaker. Please note some courses also do not have audio.