Course Contact:  Kris Laframboise


Title: Total Rewards at Ciena: "How to" Salary, Bonus & Equity Planning


Course ID:  HR42


Topic:  For Our Managers.  This topic was set up by HRIS so that a dynamic audience can see the contents.  Only employees whose Workday Profile lists them as a People Manager can see it.  This is noted in the course description in Workday (screen-shot below).


Description:  The annual compensation planning process is a major opportunity for managers to take a consolidated view of the compensation of their direct reports by making recommendations for salary, bonus and equity awards. This lesson will provide an overview of the planning process together with useful guidance on how to take an integrated approach to planning across all these elements to reward individuals work. 


Audience:  Ciena People Managers only. 


Assignment:  None. As of today, this course is not being assigned by the learning team.


1. If you are a people manager but can’t locate or launch the course, please reach out to Ciena HRIS and ask them to check your profile to confirm you are a people manager.
2. If you are listed as a People Manager, HRIS will need to troubleshoot the Topic they created with the segmented audience to determine why a people manager cannot see the course. 
3. If you are not People Mangers but would like to see the course anyway, please reach out to Kris Laframboise.