User Registration process – Ciena portal & LMS

Step 1- The user is new. The user needs to register on the Ciena portal by clicking on - in case the user is a Ciena customer. In the case that the user is a Ciena partner, he or she needs to click on-

Post clicking user will get below the screen-

Step 2- The user needs to click on Blue Register Tab.

Step 3- The user will get below registration form by clicking on the "register" tab.

Step 4- User needs to fill in all mandatory details & click on submit.

Step 5- This registration will require approval( it takes 24-48 hrs). Once approved, the user will get login credentials on a registered mail id. 

Step 6- The user now needs to log in by entering a username & password. Click on login.


Step 7- The user is on the home page of the portal now. The user needs to click on the knowledge tab on the left & then click on learning. After that click on the "take me there" button.

 Step 7- After clicking on the "take me there" button, the user will be able to see the learning homepage


Step 8- The user can see the status of all his learning by clicking on the my learning tab.