The learning team does not have the authority to manually remove required training assigned to someone from their profile. The learner has to drop the Program, which then require an Admin's approval. 
Please follow the instructions listed below and in the attached document to drop the Program.
Once submitted, your request would be forwarded to the Admin. Please expect the action within the next business day. 

In case of any concerns, please contact the learning support team by submitting a ticket at

How to drop an Assigned Program

You can’t drop a Program that you haven’t begun.  If you haven’t started the program, begin with Step 1. If you have started the Program, proceed to Step 3.  

1. Locate the program under Required for You or Progress > Required

2. Open the Program. Click Begin > View Content.



3. Leave the Program (click the Ciena icon > Learning) and return to Required Learning.






4. Open the Program and click Drop.



Admin Approval is required to Drop a Required Program.  Once the Admin has received the notice from the system that you requested to Drop the Program, the Admin will seek approval from the Learning Business Partner and if “Approved” the Admin will approve the request and the Program will no longer appear under Required for You.