1. Ciena Learning can be accessed through single sign on through the Ciena Customer Portal or the Ciena Partner Portal.

  • For Ciena Partners :  Refer Image 1.1
  • For Ciena Customers : Refer Image 1.3

Note: If you are already Ciena Portal User, please jump to step 2.

                                                                                     Image 1.1

                                                                               Image 1.2 

                                                                                      Image 1.3

2. You will be directed to your learning home page, with all the assigned training details and status


3. To access the exam, click on the corresponding course icon and you will be redirected to course page.

4. Click on ‘Register for Test’ and you will be registered for the exam

5.  Click ‘Start’ button to take Test.

6.  Once the exam is  submitted, you will be able to see your score in the exam with percentage. Click ‘Exit Activity’ to go to  course home page. 

7.  You can reset your attempt if you couldn’t clear in first attempt. You may take the exam again within the 30 days of registration for the test. Post that you will not be able to retake the exam.

Note: There are a maximum of two attempts for the exam. In case the exam is not passed in two attempts, the exam will need to be purchased again.

8.  Click on ‘View Reports’ to access the exam summary

Note:  The Exam Certificate will be available for download only if you score 80% or more in the exam and available for CE & OC Certification exams only.